Chef's Palette Beer Selection

Bottled Beers

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic $3.25
Budweiser $3.50
Bud Light $3.50
Michelob Ultra $3.50
Coors Light $3.50
Miller Lite $3.50
Yuengling $3.50
Corona $4.50
Blue Moon $4.50
Heineken $4.50
Stella Artois $5.00
Guinness $5.00
Crispin Hard Cider $6.00
Omission $5.00 (gluten-reduced)

Draft Beers

Chef’s Palette always has 6 beers of varying style on tap. Some of our beers are local, some imported, and the selections change weekly. Because of our continuous rotation, you can always stop in and discover something new to please your palate. Ask your server or bartender about the current line-up! 

Beer Flight

Can’t decide? Chef’s Palette offers a sampling of 4 5-ounce beers of the customer’s choice in a handsome, handcrafted wooden palette. $8.00
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