Featured Artist for October

Featured Artist for October 2017
Each month, Chef's Palette will feature new artists on our website! For the month of October, our featured artist will be:
Hannah Cole Buie
To visit Hannah's website, go to:

Hannah Cole Buie took her first art lesson at age 9. She explains that she always enjoyed doing arts and crafts from an early age.  “I love to express the beauty I see around me. I am in a different world when I create.”

Hannah came from a musical, artistic family and considers her mother, Kate, who was a portrait painter and artist, one of her greatest teachers. Hannah says, “My mother influenced me to pursue art. I always wanted to learn to paint in my own style, different from hers, however.”  Hannah considers her own painting style to be contemporary impressionistic.

Hannah was born and raised in Rockingham, NC. She studied art and music at Sandhills Community College in Southern Pines, NC and later earned a BFA in Art Education at UNC Greensboro in 1985. Hannah, now retired, had a wonderful career as an art teacher in Bennettsville, SC before returning to her roots in Rockingham.

In high school and college, Hannah started out using watercolors and pastels. About 10 years ago, she graduated to oils and has been painting in this medium consistently ever since. Hannah says, “I really like painting French interiors, but my favorite subject to paint, I think, is a simple still life. Painting gives me great joy and a feeling of accomplishment.”

Hannah cites Connie Winters and Dreama Tolle Perry as the two artists who have influenced her the most. Hannah attended two 10-day art workshops in France with Connie Winters, and has taken two classes with Dreama Tolle Perry as well! Hannah continues to grow and develop as a painter by taking 3 - 4 instructional classes per year with various artists around the country.

Hannah is married and she and her husband Ron live in Rockingham and have two cats, Bebe and Milo. Ron is also an art lover. Hannah says, “My husband's mother also painted and was a very talented person.”

Hannah has been invited to the Theater Arts Guild Art Gala in High Point, NC for the last five years in a row and has sold all 3 of her entry pieces each year – a total of 15 paintings! As any artist knows, this is not an easy thing to do! The Arts Council of Richmond County organized a solo exhibition for her in her hometown in 2016 at The Pee Dee Art Guild. She has also been featured in art shows at Southern Pines Campbell Galleries in 2005, The Anson County Arts Council in 2008, and The Associated Artists of Winston Salem in 2017.

To commission a painting from Hannah, feel free to email her at: hcbuie@yahoo.com

Or, call Hannah at:
Hannah Cole Buie's exhibition will go up on our gallery wall at Chef's Palette on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 and will remain up throughout the month of October. All of Hannah's paintings are available for purchase so don't miss seeing this exceptionally talented lady's work!
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