Featured Artist for December

Featured Artist for December 2017
Each month, Chef's Palette will feature new artists on our website! For the month of December, our featured artist will be:
Petra Glorie
Petra Glorie was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; a Dutch city known for its big harbor and distinctive architectural buildings. Photography has always been an important part of Petra’s life. She started out with a 35mm SLR camera and has graduated to a Nikon 750 full frame DSLR with several different lenses. But Petra says, “Technology aside, I thoroughly feel that the best camera to have is the one you have with you, ready to use! Most moments come along just once and the most important key to being a good photographer is being camera-ready.”

In her twenties, Petra was in a serious car accident that turned her life upside down. The recovery took years, but Petra says, “It ultimately made me appreciate my life even more. I think photography became some sort of escape from the pain of the accident. I focused instead on all the beautiful things around me that I could capture in a picture.”

In 2005, Petra moved to North Carolina with her husband. The ability to see America with fresh eyes, with its diversity of people and landscapes, made Petra even more interested in photography. She absolutely loves the North Carolina outdoors! Discovering her newly adopted country has proven to be her greatest adventure and she is thankful for that opportunity. Her favorite subjects to photograph are animals, flowers and landscapes, but she adds, “Photographing high school seniors is wonderful too. So much fun.”

Petra is a self-taught, awarded artist and her work has been exhibited at The Visual Arts Center of Raleigh, The Litmus Gallery of Raleigh, and in The Cultural Arts Center of Holly Springs. Her photos can be seen in the annual calendars of Umstead Park and The Town of Holly Springs. Petra also sells to Getty Images, and those are used in a diverse array of magazines, books and websites. You never know when you could see one of Petra’s photographs!

Petra says, “Seeing and thinking through the lens have become natural to me. I almost always carry a camera to capture that rare moment that can occur at random. I just love digital photography. It’s a joy to take a shot from so many different angles without worrying about how much film you’re using up. I can see instantly what I want to change in my images and make them better by adjusting the camera settings or being mindful of light, details, colors, and textures. All that has improved my work tremendously.”

Much of her work focuses on nature and landscapes, but Petra takes gorgeous portraits as well. Petra has recently traveled up and down the east and west coasts of the United States and captured a diverse array of sunsets and sunrises. Those images have become her favorites. She especially loved visiting Lake Michigan and coastal Maine. “So much to explore and capture.” Petra says, “Looking through a camera lens is a great way to slow down your daily pace and enjoy what’s around you. You see things you might have taken for granted and not noticed otherwise. It makes every day more special, which is important, because life is short and we should cherish our time on this beautiful planet.”

Petra has been married for 21 years and she and her husband live in Willow Spring, NC. Petra has no children, but is a wonderful “Dog Mommy.” Petra says, “My dogs have accompanied me on a lot of my photography adventures. Nothing better than to go on a walk with the dogs and bring my camera along. Those dogs have shared in a lot of the love I had to give over the years.”

During Humans of Raleigh, one of Petra’s recent projects, she photographed random Raleigh strangers, talked to each person she met, and discovered his/her story. Petra remembers the new experience of walking up to people and asking if she could take a picture. “It was very much outside my comfort zone, but to my surprise, many people opened up and shared their life stories. It was profoundly moving, and it went beyond any of the photography I had done before. I learned that a stranger is just a new friend you haven’t met yet.”

To visit Petra's website, go to:

Petra Glorie has received the following awards:
~ Second Place for “Photographer of the Year” Award at Capitol City Camera Club in Raleigh (2015)
~ Second Place in The Carolinas Nature Photography Association Annual Photo Contest (2014)
~ Third Place for “Photographer of the Year” Award at Capitol City Camera Club in Raleigh (2014 & 2013)
~ First Place in The Bass Lake Photography Club Annual Photo Contest in Holly Springs (2012)

To contact Petra about purchasing her work or scheduling a photo session, email her at:

Petra Glorie's sleek, polished and professional collection of photographs will be exhibited on the gallery wall throughout the month of December. All pieces are for sale and would make a lovely, original holiday gift for a family member or colleague!
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